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Roberta Lees
Charity Function
Ceilidh Dinner Dance
Comedy and Paintball
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Fleeting Meeting - Speeddating
London - Pubs and Bars
London - Pubs and Bars - West
London - Pubs and Bars - South
London - Pubs and Bars - North
London - Pubs and Bars - East
London - Nightclubs
London - Clubs - South London
London - Clubs - North London
London - Clubs - Central
London - Dining
London - Dining - Camden
Camden - Dining - Vegetarian
Camden - Dining - Thai
Camden - Dining - Pasta and Pizza
Camden - Dining - Italian
Camden - Dining - Indian
Camden - Dining - Greek
Camden - Dining - French
Camden - Dining - Chinese/Japanese
Camden - Dining - British
Camden - Dining - American
London - Dining - Mayfair & Soho
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - Vegetarian
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - Thai
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - Seafood
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - Pasta and Pizza
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - Mediterranean
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - Japanese
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - Italian
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - Indian
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - French
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - Chinese
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - British
Mayfair & Soho - Dining - American
Kensington & Notting Hill - Dining
Kensington & Notting Hill - Dining - Thai
Kensington & Notting Hill - Dining - Pasta and Pizza
Kensington & Notting Hill - Dining - Mediterranean
Kensington & Notting Hill - Dining - Italian
Kensington & Notting Hill - Dining - Indian
Kensington & Notting Hill - Dining - Chinese/Japanese
Kensington & Notting Hill - Dining - British
Kensington & Notting Hill - Dining - American
Dining - Covent Garden & Theatreland
Covent Garden & Theatreland - Dining - Vegetarian
Covent Garden & Theatreland - Dining - Thai
Covent Garden & Theatreland - Dining - Seafood
Covent Garden & Theatreland-Dining-Pasta and Pizza
Covent Garden & Theatreland - Dining - Japanese
Covent Garden & Theatreland - Dining - Italian
Covent Garden & Theatreland - Dining - Indian
Covent Garden & Theatreland - Dining - Chinese
Covent Garden & Theatreland - Dining - British
Covent Garden & Theatreland - Dining - American
Leeds - Dining
Leeds -Dining - Vegetarian
Leeds -Dining - Seafood
Leeds -Dining - Mexican
Leeds -Dining - Japanese
Leeds -Dining - Italian
Leeds -Dining - Indian L-Z
Leeds -Dining - Indian - A-L
Leeds -Dining - Greek
Leeds -Dining - French
Leeds -Dining - Fast Food
Leeds -Dining - Chinese
Leeds -Dining - British
Leeds -Dining - American
Leeds - Nightclubs
Leeds - Pubs and Bars
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - W-Z
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - T-V
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - S
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - P-R
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - N-O
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - J-M
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - G-I
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - E-F
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - C-D
Leeds - Pubs and Bars - A-B
Manchester - Nightclubs
Manchester - Pubs and Bars
Manchester - Pubs and Bars M-Z
Manchester - Pubs and Bars D-M
Manchester - Pubs and Bars A-D
Manchester - Dining
Manchester - Dining - Italian
Manchester - Dining - Indian
Manchester - Dining - Misc
Manchester - Dining - French
Manchester - Dining - Japanese
Manchester - Dining - Chinese
Manchester - Dining - British
Liverpool - Pubs and Bars
Liverpool - Pubs and Bars - S-Z
Liverpool - Pubs and Bars - G-R
Liverpool - Pubs and Bars - A-F
Liverpool - Clubs
Liverpool - Dining
Liverpool - Dining - Vegetarian
Liverpool - Dining - Mexican
Liverpool - Dining - Italian
Liverpool - Dining - Indian
Liverpool - Dining - Greek
Liverpool - Dining - French
Liverpool - Dining - Fast Food
Liverpool - Dining - Chinese
Liverpool - Dining - British
Liverpool - Dining - American
Blackpool - Pubs and Bars
Blackpool - Pubs and Bars - S-Z
Blackpool - Pubs and Bars - N-R
Blackpool - Pubs and Bars- D-M
Blackpool - Pubs and Bars - A-C
Blackpool - Clubs
Blackpool - Dining
Blackpool - Dining - Italian
Blackpool - Dining - Indian
Blackpool - Dining - Misc
Blackpool - Dining - Fish and Chips 2
Blackpool - Dining - Fish and Chips 1
Blackpool - Dining - Fast Food
Blackpool - Dining - Chinese
Blackpool - Dining - British
Blackpool - Dining - American
Nottingham - Clubs
Nottingham - Pubs and Bars
Nottingham - Pubs and Bars - T-Z
Nottingham - Pubs and Bars - P-S
Nottingham - Pubs and Bars - L-O
Nottingham - Pubs and Bars - D-K
Nottingham - Pubs and Bars - A-C
Nottingham - Dining
Nottingham - Dining - Misc - M-Z
Nottingham - Dining - Misc - A-L
Nottingham - Dining - International - L-Z
Nottingham - Dining - International A-G
Nottingham - Dining - Italian
Nottingham - Dining - Indian
Nottingham - Dining - Chinese/Japanese
York - Nightclubs
York - Dining
York - Dining - Misc
York - Dining - Italian
York - Dining - Indian
York - Dining - Chinese
York - Dining - British
York - Pubs and Bars
York - Pubs and Bars - U-Z
York - Pubs and Bars - R-T
York - Pubs and Bars - O-Q
York - Pubs and Bars - L-N
York - Pubs and Bars - H-K
York - Pubs and Bars - F-G
York - Pubs and Bars - C-E
York - Pubs and Bars - A-B
Swansea - Nightclubs
Swansea - Pubs and Bars
Swansea - Pubs and Bars - T-Z
Swansea - Pubs and Bars - K-T
Swansea - Pubs and Bars - A-I
Swansea - Dining
Swansea- Dining - Italian
Swansea- Dining - French
Swansea- Dining - Seafood
Swansea- Dining - Fish and Chips
Swansea- Dining - Chinese
Swansea- Dining - Steak
Swansea- Dining - Vegetarian
Swansea- Dining - Pizza
Swansea - Dining - Indian
Lincoln - Pubs and Bars
Lincoln - Pubs and Bars - T-Z
Lincoln - Pubs and Bars - P-S
Lincoln - Pubs and Bars - L-O
Lincoln - Pubs and Bars - D-J
Lincoln - Pubs and Bars - A-C
Lincoln - Clubs
Lincoln - Dining
Cardiff - Pubs and Bars
Cardiff - Pubs and Bars - S-Z
Cardiff - Pubs and Bars - N-S
Cardiff - Pubs and Bars - F-N
Cardiff - Pubs and Bars - A-F
Cardiff - Nightclubs
Cardiff - Dining
Birmingham - Clubs
Birmingham - Clubs R-Z
Birmingham - Clubs F-Q
Birmingham - Clubs A-E
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - A to Z
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - T
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - S
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - R
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - Q
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - P
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - N, O
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - M
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - L
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - J, K
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - H, I
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - G
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - F
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - D E
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - C
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - B
Birmingham - Pubs and Bars - A
Birmingham - Dining
Birmingham Dining - Misc
Birmingham Dining - European
Birmingham Dining - Chinese/Japanese
Birmingham Dining - Indian
Birmingham Dining - International
Dublin - Pubs and Bars
Dublin Pubs/Bars - Music Bars
Dublin Pubs/Bars - Modern Bars
Dublin Pubs/Bars - Irish Pubs
Dublin - Clubs
Dublin - Dining
Dublin - Vegetarian
Dublin - Italian/Pizzas
Dublin - Seafood
Dublin - Irish/British
Dublin - Misc
Dublin - International
Dublin - Indian
Dublin - Chinese/Japanese/Thai/Asian
Belfast - Clubs
Belfast - Pubs and Bars
Belfast - Dining
Belfast - Cafes
Belfast - Restaurants
Edinburgh - Pubs and Bars
Glasgow - Pubs and Bars
Aberdeen - Pubs and Bars
Glasgow Dining
Glasgow Dining - Vegetarian
Glasgow Dining - Take Away
Glasgow Dining - Seafood
Glasgow Dining - Scottish
Glasgow Dining - Pizza
Glasgow Dining - Italian
Glasgow Dining - Indian
Glasgow Dining - Greek
Glasgow Dining - French
Glasgow Dining - Fish and Chips
Glasgow Dining - Chinese
Glasgow Dining - Snack Bars
Glasgow Dining - American
Edinburgh Dining
Edinburgh Dining - Vegetarian
Edinburgh Dining - Thai
Edinburgh Dining - Take Away
Edinburgh Dining - Seafood
Edinburgh Dining - Scottish
Edinburgh Dining - Pizza
Edinburgh Dining - Mexican
Edinburgh Dining - Italian
Edinburgh Dining - Indian
Edinburgh Dining - French
Edinburgh Dining - Fish and Chips
Edinburgh Dining - Chinese
Edinburgh Dining - Caribbean
Edinburgh Dining - Snack Bars
Edinburgh Dining - American
Glasgow - Clubs
Edinburgh - Clubs
Aberdeen - Clubs
Aberdeen - Dining
Aberdeen - Fast Food
Aberdeen - Restaurants
York - Hotels
Best Western Kilima Hotel
Holiday Inn York
Express By Holiday Inn Clifton
Holiday Inn Express East
Lady Anne Middletons
Middlethorpe Hall
Ramada Jarvis York
Quality Hotel York
The Elmbank Hotel
The Groves
Swansea - Hotels
Best Western Aberavon Beach Hotel
Travelodge Swansea
Holiday Inn Swansea
Nottingham - Hotels
Holiday Inn City Centre
Novotel Nottingham Derby
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn City Castle Marina
Village Nottingham
Days Serviced Apts Nottingham
Park Plaza Nottingham
Manchester - Hotels
Britannia Ashley Hotel
Stanneylands Hotel
Britannia Airport Hotel
Old Trafford Lodge
Le Meridien Victoria and Albert
Gardens Hotel
Brittania Hotel
Jurys Inn Manchester
Britannia Sachas
Days Serviced Apartments
Copperheads Hotel
Imperial Hotel
London - Hotels
Westbury Kensington
Radisson Edwardian Grafton
The Commodore
Strand Palace
Britannia International
Ramada Jarvis Hyde Park
Le Meridien Russell
Senator Hotel London
Comfort Inn Kensington
Best Western Paddington Court
Liverpool - Hotels
Travelodges Liverpool Central
Days Serviced Apts Liverpool
Brittania Adelphi Hotel
Solna Hotel
Lincoln - Hotels
BW Bentley Hotel And Leisure Club
Best Western Grand Hotel
The White Hart
Courtyard Lincoln
Travelodge Lincoln
Lincoln Hotel
Leeds - Hotels
Le Meridien Metropole
Crowne Plaza Leeds
Highbank Hotel
The Queens
BW Chevin Country Park Hotel
Golden Lion Hotel
Ramada Jarvis Wetherby
Radisson SAS Hotel
Park Plaza Leeds
Ramada Leeds Parkway
Quality Hotel Leeds
Ramada Jarvis Leeds North
Glasgow - Hotels
Bruce Hotel
Atel Argyll Hotel
Express by Holiday Inn Glasgow
Ramada Glasgow Airport
Express by Holiday Inn Greenock
Jury's Glasgow
Holiday Inn Glasgow
Milton Hotel Arartments & Spa
Ramada Jarvis Glasgow
City Inn Glasgow
Express Inn by Holiday Inn
Tulip Inn Glasgow
Edinburgh - Hotels
Thistle Edinburgh
The Original Raj Hotel
The Ben Doran
Apex International Hotel
Greenside Hotel
Herald House Hotel
Apex European Hotel
Royal Garden Apartments
Holyrood Aparthotel
Jurys Inn
Roxburghe Hotel
Royal British Hotel
Bank Hotel
Holyrood Hotel
Ramada Jarvis Edinburgh
Tailors Hall Hotel
Mount Royal Ramada Jarvis
Argyll Townhouse Hotel
Learmonth Ramada Jarvis
Le Meridien Edinburgh
Park Hotel
Menzies Belford Hotel
Quality Hotel Edinburgh Airport
Rothesay Hotel
Edinburgh Moat House
Royal Ettrick HoteL
Express By Holiday Inn
Dublin - Hotels
Ophira B&B
Charleville Lodge
The Morrison
Le Meridien Shelbourne
Jurys Ballsbridge Hotel
Radisson SAS St Helens Hotel
Blooms Hotel
Principle Hotel Fleet Street
The Fitzwilliam
Aberdeen Lodge Hotel
Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel
Cardiff - Hotels
Bw Miskin Manor Country House
BW St Mellons Hotel
BW New House Country Hotel
Roccoforte St Davids Hotel
Hilton Cardiff
Holiday Inn Cardiff North
Travelodge Cardiff East
Quality Hotel Cardiff
Copthorne Cardiff Hotel
Express By Holiday Inn Bay
Holiday Inn City Centre
Egerton Grey
Blackpool - Hotels
BW The Big Blue Hotel
Norbreck Castle Hotel
Imperial Hotel Blackpool
Bw Carlton Hotel
BW The Glendower Hotel
Birmingham - Hotels
Holiday Inn
Expess By Holiday Inn
New Hall - A Thistle Hotel
Express By Holiday Inn
BW Westly Hotel
Golden Tulip Burlington Hotel
Quality Hotel
Britannia Hotel
Jurys Inn
Belfast - Hotels
Ten Sqare Boutique Hotel
La Mon Htl and Country Club
Days Inn Belfast
Ramada Belfast
Holiday Inn Belfast
Travelodge Belfast
Dunadry Hotel & Country Club
Ballygally Castle Hotel
Culloden Hotel
Hasting Europa Hotel
Stormont Hotel
The McCausland Hotel
The Wellington Park Hotel
Jurys Inn Belfast
Aberdeen - Hotels
BW Westhill Hotel
The Spires
BW Norwood Hall Hotel
Skene House Holburn
Travelodge Aberdeen
Thistle Aberdeen Caledonian
Holiday Inn
Travelodge Aberdeen West
Thistle Aberdeen Airport
Aberdeen Patio Hotel
Thistle Aberdeen Altens
Ardoe House Hotel
The Station Hotel
Skene House Whitehall
Britannia Hotel
Ramada Jarvis Aberdeen
Skene House Rosemount
Aberdeen Northern Hotel

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Today's Featured Article
Tuesday, January 01 2002 @ 09:30 AM GMT
Contributed by: Admin
Views: 2043

Welcome to

This site is dedicated to bringing you all the hot nightspots in the UK's major Cities.

If you're planning a fun night out, a romantic meal, stag or Hen night, look no futher. We have restuarants, pubs and bars, Nightclubs, special functions and more categorised into city regions. If you've had a fantastic meal or maybe been to the best club ever and do not see it on this site, let us know via the contribute button at the top of the page. Go on....spread the word.

Do you know of or have a special event happening in any of the cities featured on this site? If so tell us about it by using the 'contribute' button at the top of the page and we'll feature it in our 'Special Events' section. Also check out our Fun Days page for eXhilarating adventure from


With bustling shopping malls, a wide variety of entertainment and leisure amenities, and a vibrant arts scene, Aberdeen is a major retail, leisure and cultural centre.


Currently experiencing an explosion in growth, Belfast's clubs offer every persuasion of music to satisfy every taste.


Victoria Square hosts one of the largest fountains in Europe, with a flow of 3,000 gallons per minute, it is known as "The River" but has been nicknamed "The Floozie in the Jacuzzi".


It's a town full of firsts: taller, faster rollercoasters, bigger clubs, even the biggest mirror ball in the world plus world-class shows, cosmopolitan restaurants, vibrant nightlife, active sports scene and the breathtakingly beautiful scenery on Blackpool's doorstep.


Cardiff is Europe‚??s most dynamic capital city, constantly surprising visitors with its grace, space and cosmopolital buzz. It‚??s a great place to visit and the ideal base from which to explore the coast, culture and heritage of Wales and western Britain.


Dublin in recent years has undoubtedly become one of the most popular places in Europe to visit or stay in and with good reason.


Edinburgh is also a well endowed city, in the sense that there really is a great deal to see and to do. Indeed the average holiday visitor can only dip into the great variety of entertainment and reation that is available.


Whether you‚??re a clubber, concert-goer, opera aficionado, theatre lover or dance fan, visiting Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley is always an eventful experience.


Leeds is a brilliant choice for a short break. The city is lively and vibrant and European style cafes sit comfortably next to traditional English pubs. Shop 'til you drop, party to dawn and enjoy yourself 24/7.


Many tourists visit the city to explore the historic buildings such as the Cathedral and Castle, but the city is not overwhelmed by tourists. Lincoln also acts as a regional centre for the county, with a wide range of shops and amenities for visitors.


The city centre has a wide choice of cafes, bars, pubs and clubs. Mathew Street, the home of the Cavern Club, still attracts thousands of Beatles fans from all over the world.


London's clubbing scene is thriving and top name DJs head the line-up. Huge numbers of late-night bars and nightclubs have also sprung up across the city with resident DJs spinning the latest tunes. Add to all of that England's finest contribution to the social scene - the pub!


It is cosmopolitan - it offers more than 30 styles of foreign cuisine, with distinctive Chinese and Asian areas of speciality. It has 80 golf courses, more theatres than any other city outside London.


Nottingham has one of the most sophisticated urban environments with a £200 million canal quarter, more café-bars and elegant restaurants than any comparable city, an enviable reputation for clubs, theatres, cinemas and galleries.


Its Marina development, local theatres, art galleries, the breath taking bay and access to the Gower makes Swansea one of the most popular places to live in Wales.


Evening entertainments are provided at York's theatres, cinemas, night clubs. There are night-time cruises on the river and the boats are equipped with powerful on-board floodlights which illuminate many of York's famous buildings and landmarks.

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